A fresh start

This has been a rather rainy summer. And I’m quite happy about it. As you can see I am currently re-vamping my website, with a new theme and loads of super fantabulous content! I’ll be soon starting a blog, where you’ll find articles mainly about code and scripts, or technical content in general. I may also post some audio/music related material from time to time. Anyway, make sure to check it regularly! 😉
This is the start of an awesome journey, so let’s go and enjoy it!

All the best,

Author: Lorenzo Salvadori

a video game audio specialist with a B.Sc. in Physics (specialisation: Astronomy), and with an extensive background in music. He is always researching and opening his mind to the new frontiers of technology. Bringing together all of the technical and audio skills he is constantly looking for new people to work with and new challenges to thrive on.

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